Opel, synonymous with innovation and automotive excellence, has long been a driving force in crafting exceptional vehicles. However, a digital revolution was imminent. The challenge was to realign Opel's online presence in the Dutch spoken Market to match a new array of customized services, enhancing the user experience and visual identity.​​​​​​​

Mobile Screens
Crafting a Solution
 The task? To redesign their website, weaving together the fabric of enhanced services, streamlined interaction, and a fresh visual identity. Guided by meticulous user research and in collaboration with a team of skilled art directors, copywriters, and planners, I help to implement a new design interface, ready to embrace the future.
Home and services pages
The interface's evolution led to a more minimalist aesthetic, prioritizing user-friendly navigation while spotlighting Opel's unique offerings.
The outcome showed a noticeable rise in engagement and interaction levels on the website

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