In the wake of the global upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty and insecurity have cast their shadows across the world. Within Brazil's borders, this unsettling reality is particularly poignant, where nearly 40% of workers grapple with the absence of formal contracts and adequate social assistance.
Responding to these challenges, a few impactful posters have emerged, bearing messages of solidarity and hope. 
To extend the reach of these messages, the posters are available for free download. This gesture is an embodiment of the very solidarity they represent – the act of sharing resources, inspiration, and optimism.
 Whether displayed in homes, workplaces, or virtual spaces, these posters serve as a poignant reminder of the human capacity to uplift and stand together.
Download, share, and be a part of this tapestry of hope – a tapestry that weaves us all together.
In Portuguese
Tempo da solidariedade A pandemia do COVID-19 trouxe muita incerteza e insegurança em todo o mundo. No Brasil, aproximadamente 40% dos trabalhadores não têm contrato formal nem recebem assistência social suficiente.
Foram criados alguns cartazes para espalhar palavras de solidariedade. Você pode fazer o download gratuito dos seguintes cartazes ou compartilhá-los.

Buy groceries for the elderly, help those who haven't worked contract, and blood donation
Help those who haven't a work contract

 Support local shops

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