Orgalim represents Europe’s technology industries – they represent the EU’s largest manufacturing sector, generating an annual turnover of around €2,000 billion, manufacturing one-third of all European exports, and providing 11 million direct jobs.
Transforming Vision into Impact: Empowering European Technology through Narrative Unification
The journey from a disjointed vision to a harmonized narrative was the catalyst for reshaping Orgalim, the European technology industry association. 
Faced with a lack of cohesive communication, I and Orgalim's communications team crafted an impactful campaign and an evocative brochure that gave voice to the industry's aspirations. 
This transformation ignited recognition from policymakers, positioning Orgalim as a prominent advocate and reinforcing its brand as the resounding voice of European technology, fostering policy change and unity for a dynamic future.
"Tiago is a gifted Graphic Designer, working with a large range of techniques and tools, always going the extra step to deliver on time." Eugenia Forcat, Director of Communication and Marketing - Orgalim

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