Unveiling WEBXL: Bridging the Gap to Empowerment
WEBXL, an abbreviation for We Brussels, represents more than just a name – it's a citizen movement from Brussels that champions open democracy, equality, connectivity, and empowering citizens. However, the challenge at hand was one of resonance and recognition: how could WEBXL effectively engage with its audience and establish a visual identity that was not only iconic but also carried the essence of its values?
From Challenge to Solution: Navigating this challenge required an approach that went beyond aesthetics. Our journey began with facilitated branding workshops, thoughtfully curated for a select group of WEBXL members. These workshops became the canvas on which the movement's mission, core values, and intended audience were carefully painted, forming the foundation of a compelling visual identity.
Crafting a Distinct Identity
The heart of the solution lay in crafting a symbol that resonated deeply with the movement's ideals. Each element was thoughtfully chosen, and each curve was meticulously refined. The final symbol, born from the synergy between connectivity and motion, captured the very essence of WEBXL's journey – a journey towards a more connected and empowered citizenry.
What began as a challenge of resonance transformed into an inspiring narrative of empowerment. Through facilitated workshops, the movement's essence was distilled into a visual identity that resonated deeply with its values. The symbol, an embodiment of connectivity and motion, now stands as a testament to WEBXL's commitment to open democracy, equality, and citizen empowerment – a symbol that bridges the gap between vision and visuals and empowers citizens to stand united.
" Tiago jumps right at it wholeheartedly, working diligently and autonomously, proactively bringing ideas and drafts to the table, and advancing iteratively with his team and the wider organization. It was a pleasure to have him dedicate some time to our organization WeBrussels, and others, and I highly recommend him to any team or project that aims at making an impact!" 
Guilherme Serodio, Senior Innovation Consultant / Project Manager- INOVA+

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